Computer & Network Security

What would you do if a hacker infiltrated your network? What if you lost a laptop with sensitive information stored inside? Could someone sitting in your parking lot access your data through your wireless network? As scary as these scenarios sound, they happen every day to individuals and businesses that do not have a proper security plan in place. Computer security and strong networks are critical to any business environment.

Business Network Security

Network border security must be enforced with cutting edge firewalls. Laptops with sensitive information must be encrypted. Wireless networks must be up to date with the latest security protocols and secured with strong passwords. Orbit serve as security consultants to our clients, implementing these policies and keeping up to date on the latest threats that proliferate on the internet.

Out technicians work with Sonic Wall, Juniper and Cisco networking gear. We can implement everything from a robust edge network to a local firewall device for a small office. When you want it done right, be sure to work with reliable network security specialists.

Computer Security & Compliance

We work with many companies who have a wide variety of security concerns, from classified data, to point of sale systems (PCI), to medical record protection (HIPAA). Whatever your concern, allow us to help you protect your network and safeguard your data.