We install, troubleshoot, repair, upgrade and maintain wireless networks for offices, small through large businesses, apartment complexes, educational institutions, government organisations, hotels, airports, hospitals and convention centres.

We employ heavy duty equipment that is reliable and allows many people to connect to your hotspot.

Hotspots make a great sales point. If you have a coffee shop, it is a big incentive for customers to stick around and order more beverages. If you have an apartment complex, it is a huge amenity to offer, and can increase occupancy rates. If you have a hotel, it is important to offer it to your guests.



Do you have a hotel that you want to provide free/charged wireless access? We can help. Do you have an apartment complex that you want to provide students free wifi access? Don’t limit yourself to just your clubhouse, get it for the entire property. We can help.

We have vast experience with wireless installations of WLANS in a wide range of environments. We are a very experienced wireless network installer and can set up your hotspot today. We provide wireless network design, engineering and installation services.