WordPress Backup & Security

The evolution of web malware (essentially,  website viruses) have created a new multi-million dollar industry in which new businesses are emerging everyday. With any dynamic web platform, there’s the possibility of malware hijacking your website for nefarious purposes. With that said, Orbit has created a WordPress Backups & Security plan. It’s intention is designed to protect and backup your website just like you might have for your computer.

Get peace of mind and on-hand WordPress experts for any web emergencies.

Backups & Security Plan

Orbit offer an inexpensive (less than a dollar a day) plan which includes:

  • Weekly local website backups of WordPress files and database
  • Monthly off-site backups; in case of major webhost failure
  • 24/7 downtime monitoring
  • Ongoing malware and blacklisting scans

If malware or viruses are detected on your site, Orbit will be notified, and our web team will take action to fix the issues as quickly as possible and remove any blacklistings. Orbit will be on-call for any website emergencies 
(website down, plugin malfunctions, restoring a backup) and we also waive the expedite fee for rush work.

Contact us to learn more about getting your WordPress website, updated, secure, and backed up.