IT Security and Support Issues, GDPR 2018

2017 saw some significant cyber-attacks that brought down both large institutions and small businesses, to the tune of 5 billion. The WannaCry attack on the NHS alone cost at least £180 000. The next 12 months is unlikely to pass without cyber threats to your own business, or a business that you work with. There is benefit in knowing how trends are developing, so you can focus your IT teams on shoring up your defences. Get ahead of the issues ...

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What is a ransomware attack?

Ransomware is one of the biggest problems on the web right now. It’s a form of malicious software — malware — which encrypts documents on a PC or even across a network. Victims can often only regain access to their encrypted files and PCs by paying a ransom to the criminals behind the ransomware.

A ransomware infection often starts with someone clicking on what looks like an innocent attachment, and it can be a headache for ...

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Teslalocker TeslaCrypt help

TeslaLocker V3 is a very dangerous computer virus of the ransomware family. These types of viruses specialize in money extortion – it is likely that you have already seen the ransom demand message. Your files are held hostage – when the ransomware infected your computer it started encrypting them. The virus usually announces its presence only after it is done with that process. We’ve written this article in order to help you deal with Tesla Locker V3 and in order ...

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SSL Certificate Issues

Computer maker Dell recently warned of a security hole affecting recently shipped computers that could leave users vulnerable to hackers.

The issue affects computers made by Dell that come with a particular preinstalled customer service program. Through a certificate that would identify the computer to Dell support staff, this program makes the computers vulnerable to intrusions and could allow hackers to access encrypted messages to and from the machines, Dell said. There is also a risk that attackers could attempt to ...

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Bash Bug Sheel shock vulnerability Ireland

Everything you need to know about the Bash Bug vulnerability in Ireland

The Bash Bug vulnerability (CVE-2014-6271)

A new critical vulnerability, remotely exploitable, dubbed “Bash Bug”, is threatening billions of machines all over the world.

The vulnerability was discovered by the security researcher Stephane Chazelas at Akamai firm.

It affects Linux and Unix command-line shell, aka the GNU Bourne Again Shell, and for this reason it is potentially exposing websites, servers, PCs, OS X Macs, various home routers, and many other devices to risk ...

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Cryptolocker help is in hand with Decrypt Cryptolocker Support

All 500,000 victims of Cryptolocker can now recover files encrypted by the malware without paying a ransom.

The malicious program encrypted files on Windows computers and demanded a substantial fee before handing over the key to the scrambled files.

Thanks to security experts, an online portal has been created where victims can get the key for free.

The portal was created after security researchers grabbed a copy of Cryptolocker’s database of victims.

“This time we basically got lucky,” said Michael Sandee, principal analyst at ...

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Don’t Panic Over the Latest USB Flaw

In 1979, Douglas Adams wrote the immortal guiding principle of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: DON’T PANIC. Computer users would be wise to heed those words regarding the BadUSB malware that made headlines yesterday by being able to compromise almost any computer. Yes, it’s bad, but it’s not as bad as you might think.

In case you missed it, BadUSB is malware that hides in the firmware of USB drives. Security researchers Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell will present their ...

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Microsoft fights US request for Irish-held data

It is illegal under Irish law for Microsoft to hand over information stored in Ireland to the US government without an Irish judge’s approval, former minister for justice Michael McDowell has warned.

In a strongly worded affidavit in support of the technology company embroiled in a landmark legal fight with the US government, Mr McDowell – who is also a practising senrior counsel – argued the disclosure of data is only lawful if signed off by a judge here.

Ireland is required ...

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IRISH ONLINE BOOKMAKER has revealed that it was the victim of a data breach in 2010

IRISH ONLINE BOOKMAKER Paddy Power has revealed that it was the victim of a data breach in 2010.

The bookmaker announced on its website yesterday that it has been working with Canadian police after a tip in May of this year and discovered the historical breach consisting of “individual customer’s name, username, address, email address, phone contact number, date of birth and prompted question and answer”.

However, it assured punters, “Customers’ financial information such as credit or debit card details has not ...

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Irish SMTP Settings

Having issues sending email in Ireland from your wifi / broadband connection?

Make sure you’ve got the right SMTP settings. Most Irish ISPs block outbound Port 25 connections.

Below is a list of smtp settings for the majority of ISP’s in Ireland:

Smart Telecom Outgoing SMTP Server

Irish Broadband Outgoing SMTP Server

Eircom Outgoing SMTP Server OR

Magnet Outgoing SMTP Server

NTL and UPC Outgoing SMTP Server

Vodafone Outgoing SMTP Server

O2 Outgoing SMTP Server

Clearwire Outgoing SMTP Server /

Digiweb ...

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