Tailor made IT consultancy

If your business requires a simple set of upgrades, a redesign of your current systems, or a brand new system implementation, Orbit can help. Orbit will perform an analysis of your existing infrastructure and business requirements.

The results of our analysis will allow us to design a cost effective system to handle your business needs. We design from the top down, first learning about the business functionality and then designing the right system for your business.

Easy to understand IT

Our reports and findings will not be presented in technical terms but in terms of your business and in a manner that is understandable for those who are not computer professionals.

Most importantly Precept IT designs business systems with reliability and stability as a prime ingredient. As part of this service we will:

  • Speak with you to understand your business and the part your IT systems play in it.
  • Perform a complete computer system inventory and inspection.
  • Analyse the security, reliability, and functionality of your computer systems.
  • Prepare a written report that contains a complete evaluation and recommendations on how to improve your systems in a cost effective manner.
  • Present the findings in a formal presentation.