Google Apps

The power of Google, for your business. Get world-class email, calendar, document collaboration and more with Google Apps for Business.

Already a Gmail user? You know the power we’re talking about! With Google Apps you’ll have a Gmail account “@yourdomain,” meaning you’ll have the power of Google backing your brand.

Google’s tools make Orbit possible. We strive to recommend technologies that we use in our Boulder office and we’re not sure how our business could function without the versatility of Google Apps. Our team knows this platform inside and out.

Google Apps for Business includes:

  • 25GB inboxes
  • Instant messaging, voice and video chat
  • Web-based documents & collaboration (Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides, etc)
  • Web-based calendar (Get rid of Outlook for good!)
  • Mobile email for your smartphone
  • Internal websites (Google Sites)
  • Thousands of Google Marketplace Apps
  • Powerful integrations (for your website and more!)