Office Phone Systems

Orbit will work with your business to find the right office phone system for your needs, whether that be an installed system, basic VoIP, or Google Voice.

Business phone systems have evolved into a Unified Communication system. Once office phone systems are up and running, there is very little maintenance required, aside from the occasional personnel change and software update. Through web-based dashboards, employees can see the status of other people on their system, manage call forwarding, and administrate many other features.

We specialize in Digium installed business phone systems that are built on an open-source platform called Asterisk.  Digium Systems are a great fit for businesses that have more than 10 phone lines in the office.  The system also provides more powerful tools than a cloud-based PBX system and is easy to learn.

For those who want to go fully cloud-based with their office phone system, we have you covered.  We can set your company up with a phone system that will allow your employees to be located anywhere in the world and still be part of your company’s office phone system.  They can make calls wherever they have an internet connection.  There are no annual contracts and the average client sticks with our services for 55 months.  That’s a good sign.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation on the right phone system for your business.