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TeslaLocker V3 is a very dangerous computer virus of the ransomware family. These types of viruses specialize in money extortion – it is likely that you have already seen the ransom demand message. Your files are held hostage – when the ransomware infected your computer it started encrypting them. The virus usually announces its presence only after it is done with that process. We’ve written this article in order to help you deal with Tesla Locker V3 and in order to do that that please read it in full.

Distribution methods used by TeslaLocker V3 and other ransomware

Due to the growing popularity of ransomware there is a new sub-class of Trojan horse viruses designed specifically to install the ransomware on affected computers. This is done in order to order to ease up their installation, as well as to avoid any security measures enforced by anti-virus software. In practice the Trojan serves as a backdoor entry point that is also invisible to the defense software. Trojan horse viruses tend to be very well concealed and can be notoriously hard to get rid of, but it is very important to do so. Your PC will not be safe – the Trojan can always download another ransomware virus if it remains on your PC. Finding the Trojan on your own will be next to impossible – you’ll have to download a good anti-malware program to do that. If you don’t already have one you can find our recommendation by clicking on one of the banners on our page.

Of course, it is also possible that the ransomware was installed directly. Ransomware viruses are usually hidden with executable or archive files, which are in turn distributed via spam emails as attachments. They can also be download from torrents and other online storage sites. There are entire sites dedicated to spreading viruses – such fake sites and written with search engine optimization in mind and they can pop-out as a perfect match to any search you make. The code can even generate a file for download that is named exactly like the file you are searching for, but contains nothing but the virus inside.

How to deal with TeslaLocker V3

Now, it is very important to realize that if your files have already been encrypted simply removing TeslaLocker V3 from your system will not restore them. This is also why ransomware viruses are so dangerous. Your files have been encrypted by a sophisticated algorithm that is very hard to crack. There are actually a number of fake/scam programs circulating the internet that promise to decrypt your files. If you happen to see such a program always demand for proof first before paying anything. The reality is that very few ransomwares have been reverse engineered by security companies and for those that have been the information is free.

What can you actually do?

Reversing the encryption process is next to impossible, but that doesn’t mean you have no choice, but to pay – quite the opposite. Paying the ransom demand should be your very last option – only consider it if you have tried everything else and you still have files encrypted that are worth the money.

In our guide below we have outlined two methods that you can use to recover your files. Neither guarantees a 100% success rate, but on the other hand they will in no compromise your encrypted files.

  • It is never a good idea to pay the ransom. Remember – you are dealing with cyber criminals and extortionists. Every dollar they get only encourages them to get better at robbing victims like yourself. The criminals are also under no obligations to restore your files – if anything goes wrong or their key doesn’t work you’ll be exactly where you started minus the money wasted.
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