Irish SMTP Settings

Having issues sending email in Ireland from your wifi / broadband connection?

Make sure you’ve got the right SMTP settings. Most Irish ISPs block outbound Port 25 connections.

Below is a list of smtp settings for the majority of ISP’s in Ireland:

Smart Telecom Outgoing SMTP Server

Irish Broadband Outgoing SMTP Server

Eircom Outgoing SMTP Server OR

Magnet Outgoing SMTP Server

NTL and UPC Outgoing SMTP Server

Vodafone Outgoing SMTP Server

O2 Outgoing SMTP Server

Clearwire Outgoing SMTP Server /

Digiweb ...

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Microsoft Blinked Windows XP extended Malware protection.

Microsoft has done a heck of a lot of backtracking in the past year. Recently, Redmond pulled back on its October 30 deadline to end sales of PCs shipping with Windows 7, only to ditch the deadline and replace the date on their “Windows life cycle fact sheet” with “To be determined.”

Now, Microsoft has once again reversed course, indicating that they will in fact provide anti-malware support to Windows XP, Microsoft’s ancient but still-popular operating system, past the initial April 8, 2014 end of ...

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Microsoft wants you to help you move off Windows XP


Microsoft is asking people to help their friends and family “get off” Windows XP, in an official blog post published by the tech giant.


However, you may know someone who is and have even served as their tech support,” writes Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc.


”To help, we have created a special page on that explains what ‘end of support’ means for people still on Windows XP and their options to stay protected after support ends on April 8th.”


The two options that Windows XP users ...

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Disaster recovery and the modern Office environment

Disaster recovery and the modern Office environment

As we are all aware, today’s working culture has moved on from the traditional old 9 to 5 office work to a new concept where people are working flexible hours from flexible locations. As a result, both employers and employees expect more – in particular, the ability to work seamlessly from any device and from any location at any time.

Technology advancements in telephony, collaboration tools, virtualisation, security and application and desktop delivery have ...

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